Buying an address list is one thing. But what happens after you purchase your address list and start to get some envelopes returned because the players moved? You need to select the one that's been proven through the years to be accurate and comprehensive. But the simple fact of life is that athletes, like other people, move very frequently, and the addresses must be kept up to date. Nobody is better at that than I am.

In 2009 I started a new update policy for my customers and from the feedback that I received, was found to be very popular with them and very successful. When you purchase any of the 2016 lists, this policy will continue, and I'm sure that returning customers as well as new customers will find that it will make their mailings easier and save postage mailing to current addresses, rather than old addresses. It's simple:

When you order one of the 2016 address lists, make sure that you include your email address (either in the envelope if you're mailing your order or in my shopping cart if you are paying securely online with a credit card). Periodically I will send you an address update email which will list new addresses since you purchased your list, addresses that have become invalid and players who have died also. This way if you're thinking about mailing a player and the address changed since the list was printed you'll have the updated address. These update emails will be sent every few months.

Now, what do you have to do make me aware of an invalid address? Just email me with the player's name and address that has not worked for you and I'll research updates. Everyone on my email list will get the updated address. You'll receive not only the updates that you asked for, but the ones that I've found during the year and the ones that other collectors have requested. So, even if you only report one invalid address it's totally likely that you will receive hundreds of updates.

This will save me from having to send out the same updated address for an athlete to several collectors, sometimes dozens of collectors during the year. You'll get the update email periodically during the year and there will be hundreds of updates on it. Sound good to you? Yeah, it does to me also and it's just another way I try to give my customers the most value for the price of their address lists.

I will no longer respond personally to address update requests by mail or those that do not include the address used that didn't work. All updated addresses will be sent out by email to my customers. This way I can work much more efficiently for you and everybody wins.

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